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About Our QUILT Connection

I was commissioned shortly after I opened my business to complete a Tennessee State Flag quilt for the art work that would hang in the lobby of the Freedom Center building in Nashville, TN.

The quilt was 7” by 12”. Machine pieced and hand quilted. The stars in the center of the quilt represent middle, east and west Tennessee. Varying shades of red’s make up the body of the flag. The stars are surrounded by shades of blues as well as the right side of the quilt. The inner circle around the stars, the stars and the small strip that separates the body of the quilt from the end were all made from red, blue, white & ecru prints. The stars were a challenge because they all had to be measured and template cut to make sure they all fit together perfectly. If you are traveling thru Nashville, TN drive by the Freedom Center building that is located at the corner of 8th & Union next to Legislative Plaza. The quilt can be seen from the street.

I was born and raised on a farm in Rutherford County. I primarily worked property and casualty insurance for 16 years working for a local agency before opening the quilt shop in 1997. My Mom, and Aunts were all quilter’s so the art of quilting was something that I grew up with. I actually did not start quilting until the 70”s. Realizing that my Mom was not always going to be around to make the quilts for me, I decided I might need to learn the art myself. My Mom was my teacher. She taught me the old fashioned way of cutting with a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors and of course it all had to be hand pieced and hand quilted. So from their was born a “quilter”. Techniques have changed and evolved into a much easier and quicker method of quilt making. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 1994, I decided that I wanted to do something else with the rest of my life. Quilt Connection was started in 1997. I started very small, and now have 2000 bolts of fabric in the store.

Send me an email and let me know when you visit Nashville, TN, or take a nice drive down to Murfreesboro and stop in to see me!

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